Welcome to the AMZ Assistant Listing Directory. This is a directory for Amazon FBA sellers and other e-commerce business owners who have shown great progress in their business growth and we are highlighting them in this directory. We collect Amazon Reviews / Ratings from buyers. Why did we make this directory? Sure, there are plenty of directories on the internet – but not many for Amazon Sellers. We constantly get people asking us for recommendations on which FBA sellers are doing well, and we are bringing them to you here. Let’s celebrate in showcasing top Amazon FBA sellers.

Are You Ready? Introducing – an Amazon FBA Seller Directory

The secretive Amazon FBA seller. You know who you are! Here at AMZ Assistant, we want to bring together more sellers and e-commerce business owners. One request we get is how to know who is really selling a lot and who is just talking about it. We have been working behind the scenes the past couple months to bring you an Amazon FBA seller directory.

How Is The Amazon FBA Seller Directory Organized?

We have been brainstorming on ways to make it effective and useful for everyone. This is what we have done Taken the total feedback of the last 3 and 12 months, as well as lifetime – and matched that up with the FBA seller ID. Shown the total lifetime feedback percentage. Got the bio / description of the seller here as well. Tried our best to review what products they are selling and assign them to the best category we made up. This is so that we can categorize them on our Amazon FBA seller directory and also in the future monitor how they do over time. Also it is interesting to see how many are focused on a particular category versus those who are wide and spread across multiple product categories. And while going through their seller descriptions/ biographies, we tried to see if they had their own website. This is so that we can see sellers who are diversifying on multiple channels or at least trying to have some kind of presence outside of Amazon FBA.

Will Be Updating Regularly

So what is the purpose of this? We want to know more Amazon FBA sellers. We want to have them able to connect with us, see how we can help them, and track! See which have been improving over time. Invite them to speak at some of our conferences like the Cross Border Summit – and see how we can further grow their e-commerce businesses. Big data, just like learning how to sell a product on Amazon, you need to know the real, raw data. So this new AMZ Assistant Amazon FBA seller directory will be a data hub for all of us to track the progress. The big goal is to see who has been improving the most over time. To highlight them.

See Your Own Amazon FBA Seller Profile? Claim it!

One very exciting part is the technology we are using allows you to “Claim” a directory listing. Then what we can do is to help you update and add more information to your profile. We hope when you find your profile, you will be excited and want to add even more details and information. Don’t be the typical shy Amazon FBA seller. Be proud about your performance and showcase yourself in our seller’s directory.

Excited To Bring The E-Commerce Seller Community Together

What are your thoughts? Think it is crazy to build a directory of top Amazon FBA sellers? Think people still want to hide in the shadows and not show who they really are? There are some amazing brands in this directory, ones who want to be showcased and found by others in the industry. So, as my buddy Chris says – let the cream rise to the top. Let the best sellers, with solid brands and business model moats, come out of the woodwork and we will reward them on our new awards directory of top Amazon FBA sellers. Cheers to being open and transparent in the e-commerce industry.

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