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Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance

Bridging Amazon Sellers & Consumers

Bridging Amazon Sellers & Consumers

About AMZ Assistant

Welcome to AMZ Assistant. This is a directory for Amazon FBA sellers and other e-commerce business owners who have shown great progress in their business growth and we are highlighting them in this directory. We collect Amazon Reviews / Ratings from buyers. Why did we make this directory? Sure, there are plenty of directories on the internet – but not many for Amazon Sellers. We constantly get people asking us for recommendations on which FBA sellers are doing well, and we are bringing them to you here. Let’s celebrate in showcasing top Amazon FBA sellers.
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Are you a Seller Needing Account Management Help?

Our team at AMZ Assistant can work with you to make this happen.
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See Your Own Amazon FBA Seller Profile? One very exciting part is the technology we are using allows you to “Claim” a directory listing. Then what we can do is to help you update and add more information to your profile.
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Do you want to suggest a company/individual who is not yet listed as a nominee? Nominate for a company that you believe should be in the Seller Awards running!
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Things You Need To Know About This Program

Who are entitled to vote?

To promote a fair competition, voting is open to public. We suggest all voters to read the nominees' review page to help them decide to whom each award should belong.

Who will officiate to tally the votes?

Our tally system is automated. All nominees and tallied votes will be thoroughly reviewed by the Seller Awards Team, headed by Will Tjernlund and by Global From Asia Team, headed by Mike Michelini.

How does it Work?

The Seller Awards is done each year and works to include as many services and software companies relevant to the business industry.

How to join the nominees?

The nominee would need a review page. If the potential nominee doesn't have one yet, we can prioritize their review so that they could make it before the nomination deadline. Send us an email so we could work on the prioritized review.

How to earn votes?

We encouraged all nominees to promote and share their link via social media or other channels with their friends and customers. By all means, it will still depend on the voter's judgement to vote whoever they deem fit for the award.