4% for Change for Children! In 2008, I, a working mother of three children, opened Play It Safe World Toys and began offering my customers specialty toys chosen for their high quality, safe construction and excellent play value. I partnered with Amazon.com from the beginning knowing that by having Amazon warehouse and ship my customers’ orders to them, the level of customer satisfaction would be unbeatable. It has been a wonderful paring of top notch toys with top notch service! From the beginning I have made charitable giving of both money and volunteer hours part of my plan – a company gets what a company gives! Now, in 2013 Play It Safe World Toys is committed to giving even more. Each year 4% of our net profits from the prior year AND 4% of my working hours and those of my employees will be given to non-profit organizations that help children and families with children to learn, grow and live better lives. It is because of children and the families who love them that Play It Safe World Toys is a story of success – I couldn’t have done it without kids! And I can’t keep doing it without loyal customers like you who choose to purchase from Play It Safe World Toys and make a difference – 4% for Change for Children! Thank you, as always, for your business and your support.


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