“Why should games be so expensive?”

“We must be able to sell video games cheaper”

From these two original thoughts came the main desire to form Coolshop back in 2003. This was to become the foundation for what is Denmark’s largest and now one of Europe’s fasting growing online video game and accessories stores.

We were three young guys who set out to create an alternative to the traditional high street shop which had never really been challenged on price.

Mark one of the co-founders said “if we are big enough, then we can buy in such large quantities that we can skip over several links in the supply chain, thereby achieving significant savings”. Mark was of course right in letting this idea form the backbone of the business. So, since this day we have formed and built on the philosophy, we choose to call The Magic Five Points:

“We would be best on price, service, information, security and selection.”
It was therefore natural to choose the Internet as a platform to sell games as this allowed us to offer our lower prices to a much larger and wider audience. Indeed, Coolshop holds over 200,000 games which are ready to dispatch the same day they are ordered.

The Internet has also given us the opportunity to provide more detailed information on our products. From the outset we decided to offer trailers and videos across the entire product range to enhance the shopping experience. We wanted to make shopping with Coolshop easy, fun and informative – most importantly we didn’t just want the experience to be like reading the back of a box in a shop!

Two of the Magic Five Points are service and security. How could we give the user the same comfort as in a normal shop where an assistant is always nearby to lend assistance? Normally it can take days to get the answer to an inquiry via e-mail. The answer was chatting directly with an employee without delay or queue; so we introduced our Live Chat Service. We have built a professional and friendly support team chatting every week with thousands of customers. With a large database of happy customers to back this up – this really is something which has proved to be a great success!

To this date we have reached over 1,600,000 customers and now operate stores in Denmark, Norway, Finland Sweden and the United Kingdom.

“It’s great that so many people have taken to our website and the philosophy for which it as been built – we will continue to build on the Magic Five and the success that is Coolshop”

Jacob Risgaard, Coolshop


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