Trusted by 2,406 customers Garden Party Tea, LLC has been selling on the marketplace since 2017. They sell products in Patio, Lawn & Garden, Toys & Games and Baby Products departments from Disney, Top Collection, Kingmax, Our Generation and Relevant , and other brands. They have hundreds of products in stock fulfilled by Amazon, they are an FBA seller.

Previously known as Garden Party Tea, and have since changed the seller name.

Garden Party Tea was “born” one day when we were discussing the things people really enjoyed doing. Seems that a lot of people love to garden in various ways. So we went to a trade show to get some more ideas. That’s when I first tasted chocolate chai tea. And fell in love! So Garden Party Tea came into being. And of course, has expanded from those early days. We hope we can pamper you, make your life easier, make you smile and offer you some things to help you relax and enjoy your day!


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