It is our goal to offer you something of value and substance, more than just a “cheap” place to buy stuff. If you are ONLY looking for a “cheap” place to buy stuff we may not be the place for you. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Jeff Hirshberg and I am the proud owner and President of MX South. I am a rider/racer and an enthusiast such as you, and more importantly, we here at MX South are international suppliers of ALL PRODUCTS within the Motorcycle, ATV, and Powersports industries. We are highly experienced and have been here in cyberspace since the mid ’90’s and in the real world of Powersports for near 30 years. We are NOT just another one of those “Johnny come lately” websites, or Amazon sellers, that pop up every other day from someone’s home PC selling out of a garage or a nameless, faceless Ebay seller. We are authentic and deeply established. Our purpose for being here on the Internet is to offer our services and abilities to everyone to make buying your Powersports parts, accessories, and supplies as easy and enjoyable as riding is. In addition to being here on Amazon our advanced website is your own personal parts department that gives you the power to order up anything you need for yourself, or your bike. You will feel like you are buying straight from the factory when fulfilling your Powersports needs through MX SOUTH. Our shipping times are second to none and there is NOTHING that we can’t supply for less than most others can straight to your front door anywhere in the WORLD.


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