96% positive feedback is NOT good – it means that every 25th buyer is dissatisfied. If a retail store had close to a 5% failure rate, it could not stay in business, so why allow an unreliable online vendor to do the same? Too many sellers spend all day lowering their prices, but not ensuring prompt and efficient service – isn’t that a bit backwards? Think about this for a second – anyone with 95% positive feedback has disappointed every 20th buyer… someone with 90% positive has failed every 10th buyer… the lower the feedback, the greater chance you are taking that your item will either not arrive or will be unsatisfactory to your needs. Taking the time to choose the right seller is important, and we hope that the following checklist can serve as a guide to steer you in the right direction: – Check shipping rates Amazon standard shipping rate for a video game is $3.99 for standard shipping, and $6.99 for expedited shipping. However, there are numerous sellers padding their shipping rates in order to gouge the customer. It’s incredibly convenient to advertise the lowest sale price on an item when you’re charging twice the shipping rate. Try to avoid these dishonest sellers who are trying to dupe their customers with hidden shipping fees. – Check processing time “In stock. Processing takes an additional 4 to 5 days for orders from this seller.” We’re sure you’ve seen this statement before from a few sellers. Amazon requires that all third-party sellers ship within 2 business days of when an order is placed. However, several companies are circumventing this rule by adding lead processing time – presumably to acquire an item that they actually don’t already have in stock. If a company is advertising a product that they already have in stock, why would they possibly need an additional 4-5 days to get your item out the door to you? – Make sure you’re getting the real deal, and not an import We’ve noticed an alarming trend of sellers advertising UK versions of a product for sale under the guise of being the official NTSC Region 1 products they should be selling. Make sure to read the item descriptions for these sellers before you get burned with an illegitimate product. One particularly shady seller notes “UK Ver” at the very end of their item desciptions, an important classification that doesn’t get noticed by most buyers until it’s too late. – Study seller feedback carefully We recommend you study the sellers you are going to buy from. What does their feedback look like over the past 30 days? The last 60 days? Sometimes even sellers with an “acceptable” rating can be deceiving… especially when you notice that they’re satisfying buyers at a 90% rate or lower the last several months. Negative trends like that show a seller who no longer places the effort in the business they once did, and the buyer is eventually the one who pays the cost for that negligence. Studying feedback can also show dishonest and shady selling practices – it is clear from reading other seller feedback that there are several vendors who constantly re-shrinkwrap used items and sell them as new. There are numerous sellers who simply don’t even have the items in stock in the first place, and are likely to cancel your order when they can’t locate the item they claim they have for sale. And there are plenty of sellers who simply won’t answer their email once a sale has been made, even if there is a problem. These are sellers to avoid, not to reward with your hard-earned money. Before you buy, please do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor – please check shipping rates, item descriptions, and feedback before purchasing – whether it’s hidden shipping fees or poor feedback, there are far too many sellers on here who are not looking out for their customers. Please shop with us or another reputable seller (99% lifetime feedback or better with at least 500 feedback, Amazon standard shipping rates) to ensure your best chance at a perfect online shopping experience, and we thank you for your time and your valued business! Sincerest Thanks, Turn To Start